I’ve been telling myself for years (!) that I should write a blog. I’m not sure why, maybe because I have many talented friends who do just that. Since having my two boys and becoming a stay at home mom in the process, I’ve felt like I’m lacking a creative outlet. I was a teacher for 10 years, mostly middle school science, and have a master’s in curriculum and reading. I was used to writing lesson plans, coming up with awesome science experiments, interacting with colleagues and students alike, and pursuing more personal career goals through my master’s program. Now I’m home. And I feel very lucky to be. My oldest son, Jack, just began kindergarten this year and my youngest son, Eames, is now in preschool three mornings a week. I’ve found myself with a few hours a week to myself! But, I have not been using them as wisely as I feel I should be. It’s always a game of catch-up. Laundry. every. single. day. The house will never actually be “clean” because I have a 5 and 3 year old! I decided it was high time I did something for myself. This blog will hopefully become an outlet for some of my creative energy. The ideas that get pushed to the back burner while I help with homework, make dinner, and hang with my boys. I began my college career as an interior design major and for many reasons, changed to education, but I still have a deep love of design. Now, I need to share some of that with the internet world. I also love planning fun activities and adventures for my boys, so I plan on sharing those here too.

I recently had an opportunity to showcase some of my designs in an upcoming book (Pretty Prudent Home) written by some dear friends of mine. When they asked if I wanted a website attached to my credits, I thought, yes, but what? So I brainstormed with my husband, who is a creative director and does this for a living, about blog names. We landed on midwest-ish. I wanted to share all kinds of things here, design, cooking, gardening, kids activities, trips, and more. We live in Chicago now, but both both grew up in Michigan and have lived on both the east and west sides. If you know any Michiganders, you know our love for the mitten state runs deep. We’ve often toyed with the idea of moving to New York or San Francisco, or some where else, but it just didn’t feel right to leave the midwest. As for the “ish,” I feel that since becoming a mom, nothing happens on the schedule you want it to, nothing turns out just right, and plans can become something completely different. I’m hoping a few people will find the things I write about helpful, or inspiring, or be able to connect with me in some way. So here it goes. Welcome to midwest-ish. I hope you enjoy it!

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